Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Nama lagu: Stopgap

how does it feel
to be used
ed? cos baby
and discar
dyou're a stopgap
topgap now how does it
darling you're a
to be so disposable?
broken lightbulb? to be
like a razor or a camera
r so inconsequential?
or to mean nothing at all?
does it feel to be
so how does it feel to be used and discarded? how used? do you remember the time when i was so faithful?
you or anyone?
do you remember when i was so faithful to you, oh baby t o but now you're just a stopgap I will make excuses for it:
lly like you BUT i must l
"I don't want commitment" "I just want to be alone" yes i re aeave you but i don't hurt you... cos i will just **** around.
so i'm sorry.

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